Making a Difference

Every child can make a difference and that includes you! Many children are affected by family and loved ones who have experienced cancer. You may know someone who has had cancer in the past and survived. You may know someone who has cancer now. You may have lost someone you know to cancer. If you ask any adult ‘do they know anyone who has had cancer’, they most likely answer ‘yes’.

The good news is that there is that thanks to generosity and fundraising already being done, there is a lot of really good work going into researching cures for the disease. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work still how nature has a role to play too!

Lily wants to inspire other children to make a decision to help raise money, learn and share information, so that children are making a difference to those in their life who may be affected by cancer at some point.

How can you make a difference? Here are a few examples:
You could raise funds for your favourite cancer charity of choice
You could learn a little about cancer and share what you learn with others. We like to experience, learn and share. Be sure to follow us on social media.
Why not share your own ideas with us. We love getting creative!

Do you know someone with cancer? How could you help?
How could your story help other children? Why not share your story with us?
You could use some of Lily’s Goodbye Cancer creative ideas to help you relax
You could help with some simple nutritious recipes and say why what you have made is good

Whatever you decide, no matter how big, or how small, by deciding to do something good, then you are making a difference. There are millions of children who could get involved. Imagine with all of these children, if every child did a little bit, just how much could get done!

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